Trigger is a male Osean Air Defense Force pilot and former member of Mage Squadron. Following his alleged murder of a former president, he was assigned to the OADF's penal unit, Spare Squadron. He is the player character in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


Trigger flew sorties during the Lighthouse War, to what extent is currently unknown.

On May 30, 2019, as a member of Mage Squadron, he aided in securing air superiority over the Chopinburg Rainforest during Operation Dual Wielder. Osean aircraft were almost successful in obtaining air superiority, however, Erusea utilized an Arsenal Bird to quickly regain control of the airspace. Following this, both Mage and Golem squadrons were tasked with covering their allies' retreat.[1]

At an unspecified period during the war, Trigger allegedly killed a former president, resulting in him earning three 'sin lines' and being reassigned to a penal unit (Spare Squadron).[2]

On July 4, 2019, now as a member of Spare Squadron, he participated in Operation One Pair. During the operation, Spare was tasked with crippling an Erusean base situated in Roca Roja. Through eliminating a large number of Erusean forces, Trigger proved to be quite the asset. Following the loss of a substantial amount of forces, the Erusean military reinforced the base with squadrons of MQ-99s.[2] The outcome of this mission is currently unknown.

Eight days later, Trigger participated in Operation Two Pairs, assisting both Cyclops and Strider squadrons retreat from the Yinshi Valley.[3] The outcome of this mission is currently unknown.

His fate and other contributions to the war are currently unknown.



  • Trigger's emblem is an homage to Air Combat 22, where the Aces squadron emblem features an animal holding a revolver in its mouth.


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